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Grandma`s Chicken Soup Can Keep You Healthy

Posted by Milagros de México on

Caldo de pollo

Fall is suddenly here and with it, colds and flus. The Bay Area´s dramatic temperature fluctuations kick our systems out of balance: cloudy in the morning, dry and sunny at midday, cold wind in theafternoon and cold nights. Nevertheless, many of us can´t get over the fact that summer has ended and continue to wear our sandals, short sleeves and drink cold beverages. No wonder we have runny noses!

How can we stay healthy this Fall? It´s easy if we follow Grandma´s advice:

1. Wear layers of clothes that you can put on or remove throughout the day. A foolproof combination is pants, long sleeve cotton shirt and a sweater;

2. Drink water or home-made lemonade throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and your organs moving;

3. Take a daily doses of vitamin C according to your age or 1000 mg. if you are about to catch a cold or already have one. Make sure to take vitamin C with food in order to prevent a stomach ache;

4. Eat lots of seasonal fruit, especially citrus fruits, which are high in vitamin C;

5. Drink a heat-producing tea at night, especially if you were exposed to cold wind or low temperatures: Boil the peel of two tangerines, two chamomile tea envelopes, a slice of ginger and a cinnamon stick for 10 minutes. Let it stand for another 10 minutes and enjoy with honey;

6. Sleep more. Sleeping strengthens your immune system;

7. Eat home-made chicken soup with lots of vegetables;

When it comes to preventing or taking care of a cold, Grandma knows best! Share your Grandma´s best advice to stay healthy this Fall!